Signing ceremony for 5G+security control

On the morning of February 23, 2023, Jiangxi Yong ning Technology Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Communications Group Jiangxi Co., Ltd. held a 5G+ security control project signing ceremony in Yong ning Technology Office Building.


Chen Hua, general manager of Tonggu Branch of China Mobile Communications Group Jiangxi Co., LTD. and Liu Xueci, chairman of Jiangxi Yong ning Technology Co., LTD. signed the 5G+ security control items of Yong ning Technology on behalf of both parties. Hu Lujiang, Deputy Governor of Tonggu County, Bao Fengying, Secretary of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shao Chengyong, General manager of Jiangxi Yong ning Technology Co., LTD. Tu Xucheng, Deputy general manager of Jiangxi Yong ning Technology Co., LTD. and Zhang Rennan attended and witnessed this historic moment.

In this cooperation, the two sides will carry out all – round and deep – level cooperation on 5G+ information infrastructure, support platform, production safety, energy management and plant automation control transformation and upgrading. Promoting the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and safety management in the field of hazardous chemicals is an important strategic choice to promote the modernization of hazardous chemical safety management system and management capacity, and has a very positive significance for promoting the digitization, networking and intellectualization of hazardous chemical safety management, and effectively promoting the quality, efficiency and dynamic reform. Standardizing safety facilities such as automatic control systems in chemical enterprises and constantly improving the intrinsic safety level of chemical enterprises can effectively prevent hazardous chemical production accidents and promote the stable and improved situation of hazardous chemical production safety.

Liu Xuexi welcomed the arrival of Chen Hua and his delegation, thanked China Mobile for its trust and support to Yongning Technology for a long time, and briefly introduced the development history, construction scale and brand advantages of Shuining Technology.

Through this strategic cooperation, Yongning Technology hopes to build a bench marking enterprise in 5G+ industry, push the enterprise to stand firm in the market flood and move forward towards high – quality enterprise development.

Post time: Mar-29-2023