Key new products passed acceptance


On June 5, 2021, entrusted by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Yichun Science and Technology Bureau organized and held the provincial key new product plan project acceptance meeting of Potassium perchlorate and 10-20 micron industrial Potassium perchlorate dedicated to safety and gas of Yongning Science and Technology, and successfully passed the acceptance, obtaining another important achievement in the research and development of high-end Potassium perchlorate products.

The project leader introduced the project technical work summary, indicator completion, technical application, technical progressiveness, production line construction, product sales, etc.

The experts of the project acceptance committee listened to the report and reviewed the relevant products, and inquired and discussed the production process, main technical indicators and performance, product application fields, social and economic benefits of the new product. They fully affirmed the implementation of the project and further inquired and discussed with the project team members, providing valuable opinions and suggestions. The acceptance committee believes that the technical materials for project acceptance are complete, standardized, and meet the requirements for project acceptance. The project technology has innovation and significant economic and social benefits. They unanimously agree to pass the acceptance and confirm that the quality and performance of the two project products have reached the advanced level in China.

The successful acceptance of this project marks the company’s Potassium perchlorate has made new breakthroughs in the field of airbags and 10-20 microns. The company’s product structure has been fully optimized, providing strong support for the company’s diversified development, further enhancing the enterprise’s independent innovation ability, accelerating the process of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and providing strong support for the company’s development, It has laid a good foundation for promoting the in-depth development of enterprise strategic products. In the later stage, we will continue to accelerate the pace of new product development and produce more and better high-quality products.

Post time: Mar-29-2023